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Created on 2010-10-05 03:56:22 (#654975), last updated 2010-12-20 (327 weeks ago)

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Birthdate:Jul 3
Location:United States of America

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abby sciuto, alaric saltzman, alaric/damon, asoiaf, battlestar galactica, bones, books, cameron mitchell, captain kirk, caroline/stefan, chin ho kelly, chris pine, chris/karl, chuck, crossovers, damon salvatore, damon/elena, danny williams, david boreanaz, dead like me, doom, dr. leonard "bones" mccoy, drabbles, elena gilbert, f/f slash, fan fiction, fandom, fanfic, fanfiction, femmeslash, femslash, fic, firefly, flowers in the attic, harry potter, hawaii 5-0, hawaii five-0, hawaii five-o, hunger games, icons, j.j. abrams, jensen ackles, jeremy/tyler, john sheppard, karl urban, karl/chris, kirk/mccoy, kirk/spock, kirk/spock/mccoy, kristen bell, leonard mccoy, libraries, lips, literature, lost, lost girl, lost in austen, m/m slash, making icons, mars, mcgarrett/williams, medium, merlin, merlin/arthur, moresomes, mystic falls, ncc-1701, nikita, our lady peace, prompts, psych, rare pairings, rare pairs, real person fic, recs, robin hood, rps, sam carter, sam/cameron, sam/daniel, samantha carter, sassy, sci-fi, science fiction, scifi, sg-1, sg1, sherlock, sherlock holmes, slash, space, spock/kirk, spock/mccoy, star trek, star trek (2009), star trek xi, star trek: reboot, stargate, stargate sg-1, stargate-1, stefan/bonnie, stefan/damon, steve mcgarrett, steve/danno, steve/danny, sulu, supernatural, tattoos, the vampire diaries, the walking dead, threesomes, trek reboot, tyler lockwood, urbine, uss enterprise, v. c. andrews, vala mal doran, vampire diaries, vampires, vids, vulcans, warchild, werewolves, writing, zachary quinto
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